Meat pies stuffed with ground beef and peas (x4)


Beef liver in a French baguette with its onion and tomato mix and a vinaigrette 

Meatballs stuffed with eggs in its onion sauce (French baguette)

Panini : a sandwich filled with ground, an omelette, our homemade onion and tomato mix vinaigrette



Rice meals

Thiebou Djeun : Senegalese style fried rice with fresh fish of the day , vegetables and its sour sauce


Thiebou Guinar : Senegalese style fried rice with chicken, vegetables and its sour sauce

Stew and rice 

West african style Peanut butter stew with chicken  and smoked Turkey.





This menu is only available on:
Saturday from 3pm-7pm
Sunday from 12pm-6pm

Saturday Menu

Brochettes de Mérou (Grouper Skewers) 1/2 Pan meal

- 4 Large Grouper fish skewers

- 2 Lbs Fried Plantains

- 1 Lbs Fried Yucca

- Mild Dipping sauce


Grilled Lamb 1/2 Pan meal

- Suya lamb (with bone in)

- 2 lbs. fried plantains

- 1 lbs. fried yucca

- onions mix sauce and mild dipping sauce


Grilled Chicken 1/2 Pan meal

--Whole Young Chicken

- Attieke ( cassava couscous )

- onions mix sauce and mild tomato based sauce


Veal meat and beef kidney Brochettes ( Brochettes de veau) 1/2 Pan

- Seasoned tender Veal brochettes

- Seasoned beef kidney brochettes

- 2 lbs fried plantains

- Onion mix and sauce

- 4 French Dinner rolls


Sunday Menu

Sauteed beef kidney

-- Spaghetti

- 2 French dinner rolls

Grilled Suya Lamb and Jollof 1/2 Pan

- Grilled Lamb

- Jollof rice ( Riz Gras)

Baked tilapia 1/2 pan

Baked whole tilapia (2 large) with a side of Attieke (cassava couscous ), its onion mix and spicy sauce


Thiakry or Duegue 

Millet couscous dessert made with homemade yogurt no extra stuff!




Ginger Drink 


Bissap Drink ( Sorrel Juice )

You can order directly with us for pick up only and for your deliveries on Uber Eats and GrubHub!

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